Social Spotlight: Why its Okay to Be Racist.

Answer: because they call each other that all the time.


So today’s spotlight comment comes from a post ridiculing our desi excessive use of the N-word. This person wants us all to realize how its completely okay to use a word from a culture that has nothing to do with our because: they use it too.

Let us discuss exactly why this isn’t correct:

  1. just because you have never been taught the cultural connotations of the word does not mean it is correct to use
  2. Because someone else does something does not make it correct either, knowing and relating to the problems of another community is what makes us human
  3. You would be the first to react when someone posts a meme about Muslims being terrorists and screaming Allahu Akbar so please treat others how you would like to be treated.

That’s all for this first social media spotlight, only trying to highlight and fix a few things one by one.


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