Why We Must Always Hate These Two

Both Malala, and Shermeen Chinoy have recently gone to the edges of the western world earning themselves a Noble Prize and an Oscar respectively, through trying to raise awareness of the issues that take place back here at home and this is exactly why we must hate them.


So today, let’s talk about how great we, the Pakistanis are as a country and how we use every opportunity to flaunt that fact. Actually how about lets solemnly pledge to go after anyone who say’s anything otherwise because the Pakistan we are living in is the greatest gift of God and no power on earth “can undo it” or as we would have ourselves believe.

This is exactly the kind of bubble we wrap ourselves around, blocking what is truly actually happening in this country. Sure, we are aware of the corrupt politicians and the countless money laundering cases. And yes, there are a few small issues of people killing their daughters and throwing acid on their wives here and there but according to us those aren’t too big.

The reality of the issue is far too different. according to a 2009 Human Development Report, 60% of Pakistanis live on less than $1 a day, these are the people you never see on social media, the people you will most probably never interact with personally, specially if you reside in a city like Karachi, the real people, in the real struggle. Now, because these people are in such poor conditions they are also the one’s that don’t exactly have a connection to social media; a way to scream out their agonies, instead we see on social media the “common man” the middle class medium wage earning urban folk who may not be well off but are sure enough passing by and can then truly “love” the country.

Love the country they do, for they must try their level best to show the online world what Pakistan “really is” according to them and post the pictures of the beautiful mountains and peaks and touristy spots that “the media will never show you”.

So when one among the rest rises above the cliched “only post goodness” and actually tries to raise awareness for the real issues we must treat them as “western agents” and traitors:

Comment on a post congratulating Shermeen Chinoy 
shame shame shame.PNG
Comment on a post highlighting Malala’s words for syria

The question I ponder is why?  Why must we stick to the Good and Beautiful and not keep an eye out and try to fix the worst ? Why must we hide away from the mirrors and protect our eyes from our inner demons. Rather than worry about the image of Pakistan being portrayed why don’t we act to fix them ?

We hate Malala and Shermeen because they show us who we are, because they are more Pakistani than we have ever been.

included are few more images of “Patriotic Pakistanis”  trying to “Defend” against the likes of these two: 


Yup, she is a total traitor.
She’s not only ruining Pakistan, but all of Islam, yup
Lastly, if nothing else works, we all know how to abuse

This last one I will not be censoring because it highlights yet another issue in itself, yes these girls may be traitors but maybe if they were “sexy” we would let them pass. The following comment comes from a post about Syrian activist Muzoon Almellehan being compared to Malala.

ooh lala.PNG


Because she didn’t let her self be silenced like Pakistani women should be?
Yup, that’s why she cares so much about her home country.
Well, at least he acknowledges that there is a “hell side”
Because everything bad is propaganda
Basically summarizes my entire article.

Please, take a good look in the mirror at yourselves Pakistanis, you may want to fix a few things before you try to show it to the world .




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